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Time and Texture: an exhibition


Equinox Villiage Gallery in Manchester, Vermont will be showing a collection of my Photographs titled “Texture and Time” from October 20th through November 14th. On the evening of the 20th (this Thursday) there will be a reception beginning at 5:30. Everyone in the area is invited!



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Big art on the small screen


I just had a bunch of prints delivered for a show at the Equinox Village Gallery opening next week. I don’t do a lot of photography shows, and seeing some of my prints, as prints, not just a 2 inch rectangle on a screen was… well… gratifying. It printed and large – then you suddenly you see your work come through. The composition, the colors, everything take on a vibrancy that small screens just can’t capture.

A good thing, despite feeling sick. (smiling). More on the show and show opening when they get me the information.

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